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The Complete Package

We'd hate to bore you with a list of frequently asked questions, so here is a simple step by step guide to the process of getting your photo done. Any further questions, getting in touch couldn't be simpler! Just call us or email us.



Call or email us to discuss your needs and decide the short package you'd like, and book your photo shoot.  We will send you a 'tips sheet' to explain the process and give you some handy hints to get the most out of your photo shoot.


We will also offer you a free photo shoot consultation, by phone or social media so that every single one of your concerns is addressed.


For portraits and headshots we'll discuss things from what backgrounds will be used, indoor or outdoor shooting (or both!), decisions about

make-up, attire and a little chat about how you are feeling about getting your photo taken! 

For PR, advertising/e-commerce and event photography clients, we will offer a full creative consultation and devise a detailed plan to discuss everything needed to make your products, brand or event truly shine.



During the photo shoot we will go over the shoot plan we have worked out, and review the images we take on screen as we go, shaping the photo shoot exactly to your requirements by involving your input into the creative process.

At the end of the photo shoot, we will send you a link by email so that you can download your images when you get back. You can also bring a USB stick if you want to take your images with you.



The retouching process is where we make some touch ups to your favourite images. Each shoot package has a certain amount of retouched images free of charge but we will happily add more at £15 per image. We take 24 hours to retouch images but offer a same-day express retouch for £15 per image.

For LinkedIn users, you can also let us crop your images specifically for your profile at no extra charge, ensuring that when you upload it, it will look crisp and fresh. 

We can't wait to work with you!

Call 020 3305 7505 or email us now.

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